School Announcement

Thank you to everyone who came and picked up materials and chromebooks to continue your child’s learning!  And above all thank you for your patience!  Teachers, students and parents are learning a whole new way of learning.  From the school side we would much rather be doing this in person and hope the stay at home order does not progress further.

If you didn’t pick up your child’s materials, please call 614-475-4585 to arrange a time/day for pick up.

E-Learning will begin tomorrow, Monday, April 13! I know many of you will have questions about the technical aspect.  Most of the students have a good idea about what to do.  They use the chromebooks at school and are already familiar with a majority of this. 

If a student needs their email or password please contact your child’s teacher.  Your child’s teacher will be the point of contact for any academic questions.

2nd and 3rd grade students are using the learning platform Seesaw  Go to the login button in the upper right hand corner and from there click on student.  Using their school email and password they can log in.   

4th and 5th grade students are using the learning platform of Google Classroom.  They can log on to with their school email with password, go to the 9 dots in the upper right hand corner and click on the classroom app. 

All teachers are available for daily office hours via their email (or other way as communicated) and available at least 1 time a week for an “live” session.  These times should be communicated by the teacher on the students learning platform or email/dojo to you.

Stay healthy and we hope to see you all back before the end of the year!