Summer Reading Packet


HSA Elementary School Parade
In Solidarity

Dear Concept Friends and Supporters, Concept Schools stands with our school communities and condemns the unjust killing of George Floyd. Long-standing social issues such as mass incarceration, excessive punishment, and racial inequality, coupled with the continued uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 global pandemic, have forced many Americans to the tipping point of protest and outrage. All […]

School Announcement

Good morning! I hope you are all doing well and students are able to start accessing their elearning opportunities today.  Teachers have set up the assignments so that: -2nd and 3rd grade students have approximately 100 minutes of learning each day -4th and 5th grade students have approximately 120 minutes of learning each day.  We realize that […]

School Announcement

Thank you to everyone who came and picked up materials and chromebooks to continue your child’s learning!  And above all thank you for your patience!  Teachers, students and parents are learning a whole new way of learning.  From the school side we would much rather be doing this in person and hope the stay at […]