Cysp Intercultural Food Tasting

On Saturday, December 14th CYSP students and parents participated in an intercultural food tasting.  They were able to try food from a variety of cultures.

Cysp Field Trip to COSI

5th graders in CYSP took a field trip to COSI on Nov. 1st.  Students were able to participate in many STEM activities.  Then students came back to school for a lock where they received tutoring and participated in team-building activities.

CYSP Field Day

On October 5th, CYSP students participated in a fall field day to help them with their physical fitness requirements.  Students rotated through a variety of games and activities.

CYSP (Concept Young Scholars Program)

5th-grade students have the opportunity to join CYSP (Concept Young Scholars Program) this year.  5th graders have received a commitment form to join the program.  On Wednesday, September 11th we will have a Parent Info Night for CYSP from 5pm-6pm.

On May 15th CYSP hosted an awards dinner

On May 15th CYSP hosted an awards dinner.  Twenty-nine 5th graders received a CYSP medal this year.