For the past six years, Horizon students and staff gave back to the community in a BIG way!

Every month we will hold a “Jeans Day” where students can wear jeans for $1 and a specific colored shirt for an additional $1. Students do not have to participate, they can just wear their uniform as normal.  All money will be donated to charity.  The jeans days for this year are as follows:

October 15:

Jeans and Pink shirts-Breast Cancer

November 12th:

Jeans and Green Shirt- Toys for Tots

December 10th:

Jeans and Purple or White Shirt- Kidney Cancer

January 14th:


February 11th:

Jeans and Red Shirt- American Heart Association

March 11th:

Jeans and Leukemia and Orange or Black Shirt- Lymphoma Society

April 22nd:

Jeans- Stynchula Family Foundation for Autism

May 13th: