HSA Columbus Elementary Missing Child Program Information for Parents


Family Engagement Document


Parent Compact



HSA Columbus Elementary Child Find Policy


Sudden Cardiac Arrest


School Enrollment Policy



Foster Care Support



Revised Student Conduct and Discipline Policy


Notice of Right to Know Teacher Qualifications


Notice to Parents Regarding Release of Information


Notice Regarding Release of Information


Notice Regarding Parents who are interested in volunteering in the classroom or on field trips.


Wellness Policy


Annual Special Education Meeting

Anyone interested in attending the Public Hearing should RSVP to

Noble Academy receives Federal Special Education IDEA Part B funds to assist with the education of handicapped children aged 3 through 21. We are hold a brief informative meeting annually for any local community member to attend and discuss how the IDEA funds are used.

The meeting will be held on:

May 3rd, at 4:00pm

at the Concept Schools Columbus Regional Office, 2356 Morse Road, Columbus OH.


Statewide Testing & Compulsory Attendance

Noble Academy Columbus is a community school established under Chapter 3314 of the Ohio Revised Code. The school is a public school and students enrolled in and attending the school are required to take Achievement tests and other examinations prescribed by law.

In addition, there may be other requirements for students at the school that are prescribed by law. Students who have been excused from the compulsory attendance law for purpose of home education as defined by the Administrative Code shall no longer be excused for that purpose upon their enrollment in a community school.

For more information about this matter contact the School Manager or the Ohio Department of Education


Parents Right to Know  

As a parent you may request information regarding the professional qualifications of the student’s classroom teachers, including highly qualified status of the teachers, the teacher’s baccalaureate degree major, graduate certification, and field of discipline.


Annual Meeting  About Title I Programs

At the beginning of every school year, we talk about Title programs during our Student/Parent orientations. Please look for the announcements for those dates.


ELL Parent and Students

We provide ELL services for students whose primary language is not English. We also provide information about our services to our parents in a language they understand. Please contact the office for details.


Homeless Children

We follow the following guidelines for homeless children.

The McKinney-Vento Act’s definition who qualifies as a homeless child or youth is quite broad: “Children and youth